I’ve been a little…distant

posted on March 13th 2019 in Uncategorized & Writing Process with 0 Comments

Truth is I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of years writing, and failing, and writing some more and failing some more and learning and doubting myself and then again and again and again. And once in a blue moon I write something I think might be kind of sort of okay.

But that’s the work.

No really, that’s what I’ve come to believe in this short time I’ve been really working at being a writer. I’ve learned one thing for sure: I’ve got a lot to learn. So I keep writing, and sometimes that means I’m not paying attention to what goes on out here in the world of blogs and webs and grams and all that.

So sorry if I’ve seemed a little distant, or absent, or whatever. But also: not sorry. I’ve got work to do.